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Do I Need A Visa?

Vietnamese citizens require visas for the United Kingdom.

How Do I Apply For A Visa?

All visa applications are processed by the British Embassy in Hanoi. However, applications may be submitted to the Consulate in HCMC for onward transmission to the Embassy. The Visa Section is open between 0800 - 11.30 Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays. You will need to submit a valid passport, a completed application form and pay the correct fee. UKvisas Website provides details on the required supporting documentation. 

British Embassy
Central Building
31 Hai Ba Trung Hanoi


Applications are accepted from 8.30am to 11.30am Monday to Friday.
Collection time is 4.00pm


British Consulate General
25 Le Duan St.
District 1 HCMC
Applications are accepted from 8.30am to 11.30am Monday to Friday. Applications are forwarded to Hanoi.

Consular/Visa fees
(Effective from 24 June 2003.  Exchange Rate 1 GBP = VND28,000)

All fees are payable in Vietnamese dong
Standard entry visa VND 1,008,000
Multiple entry (1 year) VND 1,680,000
Multiple entry (2 years) VND 1,960,000
Multiple entry (5 years) VND 2,464,000
Multiple entry (10 years) VND 4,200,000
Settlement and Marriage VND 7,280,000
Long-term other than settlement VND 2,100,000
Commonwealth entry clearance VND 616,000
Certificate of Entitlement VND 3,080,000
Standard passport VND 1,523.200
Jumbo passport VND 1,825.600
Passport for children under 16 VND 971,600
Legalisation VND 336,000
Certifying a copy of a document VND 84,000/page; minimum VND 420,000
Receiving a Notice of Marriage VND 980,000
Issuing a CNI VND 980,000
Registering a birth or death VND 1,540,000
Furnishing a certified copy of a BC or DC VND 980,000
DATV VND 756,000

Do I Have To Apply In Person?

You should endeavour to apply in person. Third parties may submit applications on behalf of state owned companies and ministries.

The following documents will be required:

  • A fully completed visa application form, signed by the applicant, with a passport photograph attached.
  • Evidence of funds for the proposed trip.
  • Each application must be supported by credible documents. These may take the form of business letters from reputable companies explaining the reason for the visit, its duration, and who is funding it. For private visits the applicant should produce a letter of invitation from the sponsor: a leave letter from their employers in Vietnam (if appropriate) stating their intentions whilst in the UK, their proposed length of stay, and their plans on leaving the UK.
  • Student applicants should submit a letter of confirmation from the UK college stating the cost and duration of the proposed course of studies.
  • All applicants must submit a full United Kingdom contact address.

Please note that you may be invited to attend the Embassy for an interview. No visa officer is resident in Ho Chi Minh City.

Visa Categories

Below you will find information on specific documentary requirements for the following visa categories:

When Will My Visa Be Issued?

If no interview is necessary, we aim to issue a visa within 24 hours of application. To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise that you apply well before your proposed departure date.

How Can I Find Out More?

If you require further information regarding Immigration matters in general, please refer to Home Office Immigration and Nationality Department Website. If you require information on procedures in Hanoi, please write to or telephone the Visa Section.

Application for United Kingdom entry clearance

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